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How much can you earn?

You are so excited about Isagenix that you want to refer it to your friends, it’s quite simple. Get results and then recommend the program to your friends to get cash in the bank!
  • You'll be paid a 20% commission of the total spend of the person you introduce to Isagenix using your referral link. For example when your friend spends $600 on their initial order you'll earn $120 cash back. There is no limit (big or small), so there is plenty of money on the table for you. 
  • When they re-order you can earn 6% commission over and over again. There are no limits to how many subscription customers you develop. 
To help you refer friends to the Isagenix program, we've put together a simple step-by-step guide for you to follow 👇

Step 1. Post on Social Media

Here are some proven scripts for you to copy, paste and post to generate some initial interest...

If you haven't started 👇

After watching my friend get amazing results from The Rediscover You Program, I decided it was time for me to get similar results, because I am tired of feeling __________and _____________.

I’m so excited to get started! 

My starter pack is on its way but I’d love to have a friend do it with me so that we can hold each other accountable. 

Who’s up for looking and feeling their best?

Progress post (use photo) 👇

Before I found the Rediscover You Program, I was feeling ____________ and _________ and I’d had enough. 

After watching tons of my friends get results, I finally decided to get started on the Program and I can’t believe what’s happened!

I’ve only been using the system for ____ days and I’ve already experienced ________________and _______________! 

I’d tried so many things before this and I’m just so grateful to my friend (tag enrolling sponsor) for introducing it to me. 

It’s super simple to follow and everything tastes amazing. Finally, something that actually works!

Access Your 30-Day Posting Guide! 👇

Step 2. Reach Out Message

Here are some proven scripts for you to message your friends to generate some initial interest...

Direct ask 👇

Hey _____ I'm keen to step up my wellness game and improve my health, so I’m gonna do a nutritional cleanse program that helps improve overall wellness using really clean, high quality ingredients. 

A friend of mine is coaching me through it. All I had to do was purchase the products which were less than what I already spend on food. 

Any interest in doing it with me?

Referral ask 👇

Hey, I just started a 30-day cleanse challenge to get in shape. 

I know it may not be for you, but do you know anyone who's looking to lose weight, get more energy or tone up at all? 

No worries if not, just thought I’d ask.

Step 3. Ask Questions

Here are some proven questions for you to ask so that they open up to you about their goals before you send the information link 👇

1. Can I ask you a few questions to see if the program is a right fit for you?

2. What is it you're wanting to achieve health-wise?

3. Ok cool. And why are you wanting to achieve that?

4. Thank you for sharing this with me. So what do you think is currently preventing you from achieving it?

5. Thanks so much for being so honest with me.  Here are just a few people who have lost weight using the same program as me. If I could show you how you can do the same would that be of value to you?

Step 4. Send Info Link 

1. When someone says they are keen to learn more, you can send this message with the info link 👇

Ok. Great! To learn more simply click the link below. 

You’ll be sent to Messenger to fill out the health check and watch a short video explaining the program and prices in more detail. 

I’ll circle back shortly to see if you’ve got any questions. Here’s the link: www.rediscoveryou.info

2. This is what they will see when they click on that link...
*To restart the sequence and go through it again yourself, just type "restart" in the message thread from Rediscover You.
3. When you receive a health check...

You will know they have been sent an info video to watch which explains everything for you.

Step 4. OR Invite to Webinar (Biohack Masterclass)

If we are running a LIVE bio hacking masterclass (webinar) then you can invite them to this instead of the info link:

Ok great. There is a LIVE masterclass coming up in a few days on the exact bio hack steps I followed to achieve these results. It's free but limited to 100 people max. Shoot me a thumbs up if you want the link to register.

If they send you a thumbs up, then send them this link: 

The begin follow up immediately with this:

Did the link work ok?

If yes, then send this:

Awesome. Did you get the zoom link in your email inbox ok?

Step 5. Follow Up 

Now it's time to follow up. It can take 5-10 exposures for someone to say "yes" so the fortune really is in the follow up. 

Here's some proven messages to use to follow up 👇

1. Hey just following up as promised. Did the video/webinar about the program make sense?

2. Ok cool. Here's the link to order your pack... [send link to pack - explained in Step 6-7]

Step 5b. Overcoming Objections

The easiest way to overcome someone's apprehension is to connect them with an expert. This is how you do that...

Open a 3-way messenger chat with your sponsor and introduce them to your prospective customer 👇

Hey (___________), you had some great questions and I'm so new I don't want to give you the wrong answers so I've put us in a group message thread with (___________) who is training me and has incredible success with the products and business. 

By the way I love that I don't have to have the answers to everything as I get started. 

(___________), this is my friend (___________) and he/she wants to know more about (________________)

Step 6. Become An Associate

Once they have chosen their pack, and are ready to order... you'll need to click over to become an "Associate" so that you can send them your unique referral link and get paid in cash!

To do this, login to your back office and click "Become an Associate" button. 

*Use your full name with no spaces to create your associate website name.

For extra support on how to upgrade to an associate click here

Step 7. Create Cart & Send Link

1. How to Create A Recommended Cart: Follow the steps in this video to set up your recommended cart link to share with your potential customer:
2. Open your IsaLife App and select the chosen pack and share the cart link: Follow the steps (shown in image) to choose left or right side, then copy the link and paste to send to them 👇
*To become 'Consultant' you must enroll one person on your LEFT, and one person on your RIGHT
3. Send this custom message to them so they can order their pack 👇

I’ve set it all up for you. Click the link below to complete your order. We set everyone up on subscription rewards initially as it gives you your products at 25% cheaper. It can be cancelled anytime – so you’re not locked in. Once you complete your order I’ll add you into our VIP Customer FB group

[Paste your unique order link from IsaLife App]

Step 8. Send Welcome Message

Only after you've been notified that they've enrolled, send them this welcome message 👇 


Your new product is on the way!

So what's the next step?

Click this link www.eatforfreeclub.info and complete all the steps at the top of the page before your products arrive.

Step 9. Helping Customers Share

Step 1 - As soon as they get their first product win (result) ask them to share into our Rediscover You Facebook Group by asking...

Can you do me a massive favor please.

Would it be okay if you posted your results so far in the Rediscover You Facebook group?

You’ll inspire so many to keep going on their journey but also give belief to those thinking about starting too.

Your results are so good! No worries if not, just thought I’d ask.

Step 2 - After they post in Rediscover You, ask them to post on their own social media profile by asking...

Great post on Rediscover You!

I think you should post it on your FB profile too, because I think it’ll inspire a couple of your friends to get started and get their own amazing results as well.

Are you open to sharing the love and helping someone else?

Step 3 - When they do this, and one of their friends asks them more... help them follow these above steps 3-8 to get them started! 

Step 10. Host Your Event!

One of the most effective and fun ways to share the program with your friends is to host an "in home" event. Watch this video to learn how simple and fun it can be... 👇
You haven't really experienced the heart, community and culture of Isagenix until you've attended one of our world-class corporate events. 

Invest in a ticket to the next LIVE corporate event by clicking this link: www.isagenixevents.com


If you're hungry and ready to turbo charge your success to start earning a full time income with Isagenix, then work your way through these in depth training videos and complete the exercises shown after each key lesson. This is the path to mastery and true financial flexibility. 







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