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Let’s look out several years from now.

Your life took an amazing turn for the best when you started your new network marketing business. 

That decision coupled with solid work ethic put you in this place you are now.

Monetarily, you have more than you can spend. Just the interest and dividends coming passively from your investments are more than you ever made working full-time in your past. 

Your income flows from the efforts of others now, and from a huge customer base that you built up over the years. You never look at the price when reading the menus while dining out. 

You take an exotic vacation every three months to some place new and exciting. You walk new beaches around the world on weekdays when others are stuck in office buildings back home.

Speaking of your home — you have three of them, each in different locales and decked with lavish décor that you spent time laboring over with care. 

Your family enjoys time in the different homes, and each feels so very homey. 

You have true time freedom, and you set your own schedule to satisfy your every whim. You take mission trips. 

You give of your time to charitable causes that make your heart beat and bring tears to your eyes. 

You give to your church more money than you ever made in a year from your job.

You have put in place a legacy that will survive you, that will be enjoyed and empower many generations after you. 

The respect and admiration you receive from your family and friends make you feel so proud, yet humble.

All of the worldly things have had an inverse effect on you. 

The trappings of your success were pride invoking along the way, but now that you are on the other side of money and success … you give the credit upward and understand to Whom you belong.

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